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Postcards are simple and stylish, allowing you to speak directly to your clients with little distraction. Postcard marketing is still regarded as being a highly effective as you can combine visuals and a clear, concise message, getting straight to the point. If your image grabs their attention, your audience will definitely turn it over to read the message on the reverse. How powerful is that?

The applications are endless — from call-to-action promotions, to awareness creation campaigns, to special offers or even invitations, postcards can be used in a myriad of different ways.

As space is limited, it is very important to choose your words wisely. With cleverly worded text, vibrant visuals, and our superior print and finish, you will have postcards that will make your brand and message top of mind, setting you way ahead of the competition.


Size: A6
Paper/Material: GASPRA, CERES, 350gsm Gloss, TITANIA, PEGASUS, ADONIS, TriPlex Centaur, TriPlex Lynx, TriPlex Midnight, TriPlex Amazone, TriPlex Slate, TriPlex Arctique, TriPlex Vermillion, TriPlex Mangue, TriPlex Bambou, APUS, TRITON, ENCELADUS, OBERON, INVERCOTE CREATO MATT, CORVUS, CENTAURUS, HYDRA, LYNX, MONOCEROS, AQUILA, 400gsm Matt, 350gsm Matt
Colors: CMYK
Sides: 2 Sides, 1 Side
Refining: SPOT-UV & Soft Touch Lamination, UV-Varnish one Side, UV-Varnish both Side, Spot-UV, UV-Varnish, No Refining

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